Short Film | Looking | Directed by Antonio Tibaldi.

A very pregnant young woman visits an ancient inventor in his old creaky house. For all of his life the old man has been looking for something, but now time is running out. He makes a toy for the boy who is to be born, hoping this new human being will continue the search. “We used a technique usually utilized for clay animation: we shot and edited the film frame by frame, using a still camera.”

director, screenplay, editing, producer: Antonio Tibaldi
story based on the poem “Looking” by: John Doyel
cinematography: Mariano Ribas-Rodriguez, Antonio Tibaldi
sound: Iin Purwanti
sound design & mix: Máximo Scott

cast: John Doyel, Ora Tsukrov
production company: no permits produktions

Official Selection:
Torino Film festival 2009

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