Simon Henderson is at boarding school in Canada while his father works in Hong Kong, and his mother lives in England. When his parents visit him for the holidays, Simon discovers that his mother has schizophrenia.

Producers: Leo Pescarolo, Elisa Resegotti
Director: Antonio Tibaldi
Writers: Gill Dennis, Antonio Tibaldi, John Frizzel
Cinematography: Vic Sarin
Music: Franco Piersanti
Production Company: Alliance Communications
Distribution: Cinevista
Cast: Matthew Ferguson, Judy Davis, David Mcllwrath, Jan Rubes, and Rachel Blanchard

Torino Film festival 1992
San Sebastian Film festival 1993
Ghent Film festival 1993
Amsterdam International Film festival 1993

Nominated for 6 AFI 1993  (Australia’s Academy Award equivalent)
Judy Davis Wins Best Supporting Actress at AFI Awards 1993
Nominated for 1 Genie Award 1993 (Canada’s Academy Award equivalent)

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