Gorgona is Europe’s last agricultural penal colony. Located 19 miles off the Tuscan coast, this remote prison island is home to ninety inmates, who spend their days outdoors, immersed in pristine natural beauty. “Gorgona” is an intimate window into the daily lives of five inmates. From caring for livestock to farming the land, these men are offered the chance to learn a trade and life skills that can help them reintegrate into society.

Producer: Antonio Tibaldi
Editor: Valentina Andreoli
Director: Antonio Tibaldi
Co-Producer: Enrica Capra
Executive Producer: Alex Lora
Associate Producers: Jianhao Andy An, Fan He
Camera: Antonio Tibaldi
Underwater Camera + Second Camera: Marco Pasquini
Sound Design and Sound Mix: Todd Toon
Production Companies: No Permits Produktions, GraffitiDoc


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