poster2Living in a trailer out in the boondocks in rural Texas, an abusive Vietnam vet harbors a secret and goes to murderous lengths to keep it hidden. Jimmy, the young man who sleeps out in the shed, has suspicions, but little comes out until a strange woman arrives to town looking for a dead private eye…

Producer: Amedeo Ursini
Director: Antonio Tibaldi
Writer: Michael Boston
Cinematography: Ron Hagen
Music: Stewart Copeland
Production Company: Jazz Pictures
Distribution: Castle Hill, Warner Bros., Lions Gate
Cast: Ryan Phillippe, John Savage, Nastassja Kinski, and Shirley Knight

View: netflix, i-tunes

Winner Best Film at Mystfest – International Mystery Film festival, Cattolica, 1997

Official selections: (selected list)
The Hamptons International Film festival 1998
Denver International Film festival 1998
Stockholm International Film festival 1998
MostraRio Rio De Janeiro Film festival 1998

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