American Wilderness

Vintage thesis film from Calarts.

Jerry unexpectedly leaves his mother’s funeral to take a drive on the freeway. While he fuels up he meets a young woman and her daughter. They are stranded. Jerry gives them a ride, and an unlikely adventure starts for him…

Producer: Nena Norton & Greg Segal
Director: Antonio Tibaldi
Writer: Greg Segal
Cinematography: Makoto Watanabe
Production design: Patti Strong
Music: Bob Campbell
Sotoryboards: Ed Guttierez
EditingElisa Bonora
Cast: Brian Nissen, Robyn Rose, Cassie Laycock
Production company: Lovelorn Unlimited
Distribution: Indigena

Official Selection:
Torino Film festival 1988
Mystfest (International Mystery Film festival, Cattolica, Italy) 1988

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