Dream Street

Vintage piece; made while I was a grad student at Calarts. This short (not so short by today’s standards) got me all of my first jobs, including directing my first feature: “on My Own”.

Brenda wants to hear James say “I love you” without stuttering. With blanks and a crazy plan, they rob $40,000 from the Bank of America of Downtown L.A., to have the money to begin a speech therapy in Utah. Nothing goes as planned.,,

Producer: Antonio Tibaldi
Director: Antonio Tibaldi
Writers: Scott Jordan , Antonio Tibaldi
Cinematography: Stuart Kiehl
Production design: Patti Strong
Music: Bob Campbell
Sotoryboards: Ed Guttierez
Production Company: Lulu Films
EditingElisa Bonora
Cast: Brenda Hayes, James Salisbury

Awards: Winner Best Film at Filmmaker, Milan

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