Orthodox Jewish aging twins Abraham and Shraga live a reclusive existence in their inherited Brooklyn home. After the death of their parents, they stop throwing away anything and start accumulating all sorts of items, making their living conditions unsanitary. Their upstairs tenant threatens to stop paying them rent unless they proceed with a radical clean up. Abraham and Shraga are forced to open their doors to a professional cleaning company. The traumatic invasion of privacy that ensues pushes them to confront their memories in order to find a new beginning…

A film by: Antonio Tibaldi & Alex Lora
Producers: Enrica Capra; Antonio Tibaldi; Valerie Delpierre
Kamera: Antonio Tibaldi
Sound: Antonio Tibaldi & Alex Lora
Editors: Alex Lora & Antonio Tibaldi
Music: Bjarke Kolerus & Simon Don Erikson
International Sales: CAT & Docs

Duration: 74 minutes
Completion: November 2015

Film made with support from:
IFP’s Film Week ‘Spotlight on Documentaries’

The Hollywood Reporter
The Los Angeles Times

Main Prize DOCU/LIFE at Docudays UA 2016
Jury Prize at l’Alternativa Film Festival 2016

Official Selections:
IDFA 2015 Competition Feature-Length Documentary
Copenhagen Jewish Film Festival 2016
True/False 2016
Thessaloniki Documentary International Film Festival 2016
Docudays UA 2016
DocumentaMadrid 2016
DocAviv 2016
Docs Against Gravity 2016
BiograFilm 2016
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 2016
Dokufest 2016
Flahertiana International Film Festival 2016
Message to Man International Film Festival 2016
Antenna Documentary Film Festival 2016
Verzio Film Festival 2016
L’Alternativa Film Festival 2016
Filmmaker Film Festival 2016

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