UNTV videography

JULIO AND JORGE – BEYOND THE LABYRINTH (2016)      producer: Gill Fickling // videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

CANADA – A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE (2016)     producer: Grace Barlett // videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – FIGHTING FOR CHANGE (2015)       producer: Gill Fickling // videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – TOPPLING TEENAGE PREGNANCIES (2015)      producer: Gill Fickling // videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

DETROIT’S WATER – NOT FLOWING (2015)       producer: Francis Mead //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

NICARAGUA: ACTING AGAINST VIOLENCE (2014)        producer: Gill Fickling // videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

TRINIDAD: SAVING THE TURTLES (2014)        producer: Gill Fickling //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

LA ESCOPETARRA: GUNS INTO GUITARS (2014)        producer: Michele Zaccheo  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

SOMALILAND: CHANGING THE ODDS (2013)        producer: Francis Mead //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

FINDING A FUTURE ON THE WEST BANK (2013)        producer: Francis Mead //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

GABON: PEOPLE IN THE FOREST (2012)        producer: Gill Fickling //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

ALGERIA: THE TERRORIST WHO CAME HOME (2012)        producer: Francis Mead //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

COLOMBIA: WAYUU “GOLD” (2012)        producer: Gill Fickling  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

GABON: ELEPHANT MAN (2012)        producer: Gill Fickling  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

SECOND CHANCE FOR SAUDI TERRORIST (2011)        producer: Francis Mead  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

BHUTAN: TSUNAMI FROM THE SKY (2010)        producer: Gill Fickilng  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

NEPAL: WOMEN ON THE MOVE (2010)        producer: Gill Fickling  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

CHAMPIONS SECURITY (2009)        producer: Michele Zaccheo  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

RUDELY INTERRUPTED (2009)        producer: Gill Fickling  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi 

GALAPAGOS EVOLVING (2007)        producer: Michele Zaccheo  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

TRANSFORMERS: AK-47s INTO GUITARS (2007)        producer: Michele Zaccheo  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: HONDURAS FIGHTS BACK (2007)        producer: Michele Zaccheo  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi

MIGRATION: THE HARD ROAD THROUGH MEXICO (2007)        producer: Michele Zaccheo  //  videographer/sound: Antonio Tibaldi


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