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On a small, isolated island between Sicily and Africa, a film crew lands to shoot a large-scale feature film (Terraferma by Emanuele Crialese). The filmmaker and his entourage settle on the island providing employment to the locals, but disrupting their bucolic daily rhythm.

A large group of Africans are brought to the island from Sicily, to work as background on the film. The job requires that they get into the water and interpret the part of refugees arriving by rickety boats, something most of them have actually experienced…

Producer / Director / Camera / Editing: Antonio Tibaldi
Music: Campione / Moscato / Licciardi
Camera / Editing: Antonio Tibaldi
Assistant Editor / Sound Design: ‘Al Lora

Best Documentary at Brooklyn Film festival 2012

Official selections:
Torino Film festival 2011
Brooklyn Film festival 2012
American Documentary Film festival, Palm Springs 2012






Antonio interviewed by Silvia Bizio:

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